With Mother’s Day just around the corner

It can be difficult to find gifts ideas for women who seem to already have everything. You can’t shop for a woman who is difficult to shop for. Give her a thoughtful, unique and personal gift she’ll love to use.

We have compiled a list of the best gifts for women, for every occasion. These gifts are great for any occasion, including Mother’s Day and just because. These gifts are perfect for anyone looking to become a professional chef, the busy mom, or the person your every day gift who has lost their keys. Two gifting experts, Laura Jenning, founder & CEO of Knack, as well as Dayna Isom John, Etsy’s trends expert, were also available for advice on how to select a thoughtful gift that women will appreciate.

Jenning says, “Gifts that have a story or a ‘why’ behind them will always remain memorable.” Jenning says, “Make your gift reflect the person you know best. What are her favorite things? Do they like tea or coffee? Are you able to see her spending time alone? Or with your family and friends. “What have you observed about her that could be reflected in her gift?” Any person who adds spicy condiments to their food will love this variety pack of Chili Crunch. It includes three varieties of David Chang’s spicy yet crunchy chili oil: an original, a black truffle, or an extra-spicy, with dried habanero bell peppers. They will all add great flavor (and different levels of heat) to any dish.

With these insights in our minds, we found the most suitable gifts for all types and sizes of women. Keep reading to see all our suggestions, and check out our favorite ideas. Isom Johnson considers personalized art a top gift. These custom line-art portraits have a minimalist design that we love. Each one is hand-illustrated in the U.K. from a photo you provide. You can either get it as a digital download so that you print it yourself or have it printed and shipped directly to your door.

Although chocolate and coffee make great gifts, this box combines the best of both. It includes four bags with freshly roasted coffee (you can pick whole beans or ground) as well as four artisan chocolate bars that include Orange Blossom Espresso flavor. You’ll also get notes on how to pair each combination so she feels like an expert in coffee and cocoa.

If there aren’t rules or budgets, it can be difficult to decide how much to spend on a present. There is no single formula that will give you an exact dollar amount. However, there are a few things to consider in order to arrive at a suitable number.

Jenning states, “In general we find that the average gift given to women is less than $100.” “However, it will vary depending upon the relationship you have with your woman, the occasion, as well as your personal circumstances. Because it is unexpected, a small gift of ‘just thought about you’ can be just as meaningful as a costly birthday gift.