What strategies could increase the climate resilience of people and nature?

Climate change presents different risks depending on where you are located, what time it is, and how many people live there. Each country and community has its point of departure for climate adaptation and sustainable growth. However, regardless of the path taken, Climate Resilient Development is only possible with fundamental changes to five areas: 1) the world’s energy system; 2) the way we use, manage, and protect the land, freshwater, and oceans, and their ecosystems; 3) the way cities are planned, built and managed; 4) the way our economies winter maintenance and industry function; and 5) the way societies function at the local, national, and international levels.

Although it’s not a big deal, bringing your reusable coffee cup or mug to work is a great idea. You may even be eligible for drink discounts if you use these items. Turn off lights in empty rooms, but ask yourself, “Do I need this light?” Recently, I attended a meeting in the climate scientist professor’s office, which was only lit by sunlight from the windows. It was very informative. You can adjust your thermostat to your energy consumption and bill by adjusting the temperature (A/C or heat) according to the season. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy, air conditioning costs can be reduced by 3-5 percent for every degree you raise them.

You can save fuel and get some exercise by parking your car and riding your bike to your destination. According to a 2015 Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Davis) study, a significant increase in bicycle use could help reduce urban transport emissions by up to 10% by 2050. Were you shopping online? Do not select 1-day shipping if you aren’t in a hurry. According to Miguel Jaller, an assistant professor at the Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Davis), expedited shipping means delivery trucks make more trips.

Climate action doesn’t have to be about carbon sequestration and energy efficiency. Songwriting, visual arts, and writing can all be powerful ways to express your thoughts and feelings about climate change. To avoid wasting energy, unplug your computer and other appliances. Smart power strips can turn off phantom electricity to electronics when not used. The UC Davis Energy Conservation Office has created a tool that calculates your computer’s plug load.

There are many other ways to combat climate change. You can buy and grow local food, use energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy, insulate your house, plant grasslands, and soils, run for office, and explore low- and high-tech ways of capturing greenhouse gases.

This course will cover the three modules and highlight key concepts, tools, and examples for integrating EbA into the NAP process. However, these strategies are often win-win and make them more desirable places to live, work, and invest. Resilience is a brandable quality that demonstrates a city’s willingness and ability to embrace an innovative culture.

We explore themes related to climate resilience in a series of new research papers commissioned by Calgary and Edmonton. These are eight actions cities can take to foster resilience.