Look for the Best for Kids Label 

When you buy window coverings, the first thing that strikes you is how many options there are. You have shutters, blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, cellular shades, and cellular shades. How can you choose the best PVC Plantation Shutters without spending too much time? We have the top 10 tips that you should know. This article will help you understand what you need to choose window coverings that are safe for your family and keep them happy. Many people are familiar with anchoring furniture and covering outlets regarding child safety. However, window coverings can often be overlooked when child-proofing your home.

Corded window treatments can pose a danger to pets and young children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has named corded window treatments one of the five most dangerous hidden hazards in American homes. You can have peace of mind knowing the facts about safe window coverings. You want to spend more quality time with your family than worrying.

These five tips will ensure your window coverings are safe and secure for pets and children. This will allow you to enjoy your home while also protecting your family. Benjamin Moore Canmore Window Specialists are highly trained advisors who help you choose the right solution for your style, budget, and needs. Cordless window treatments are the best option for the child- and pet-safe window coverings. Our Window Covering Specialists are trained to help you choose the suitable fabric, color, and installation. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends cordless window treatments. This council promotes safety in window coverings all year, but it is essential for October, National Window Covering Safety Month.

The industry has adopted a current safety standard for window coverings. All window coverings sold in the U.S. must be cordless or have inaccessible or shorter cords. The new standard was implemented in December 2018 and will make window coverings safer for children.

Because there are no cables to get entangled, cordless window treatments are safer for pets and children. Cordless motorized shades or blinds from Somfy are a safer option for families. Parents no longer struggle with dangerous, long cords to open or close window treatments. Instead, they can control them at the touch of a button. Parents and pet owners can now control motorized window coverings with voice control. Keep cribs and other furniture out of windows. Children can climb up on a table near windows and get tangled in cords. To ensure children are safe, move cribs and other furniture belonging to children away from windows.

Natural light is essential for wellness, and windows are critical in every child’s bedroom. The effects of natural light on everything, from mood improvement and mood-boosting to influencing your child’s circadian rhythm, can impact their sleep schedule.

It’s important to keep furniture out of windows. However, it is equally important to invest in window coverings that you will remember to open and close. You can program your motorized shades so that they open in the morning while your child is reading or playing in their bedroom. Then, close at night to allow your child to focus on sleeping. 

You can do everything from your smartphone using the app control for motorized shade. You might not have the funds to replace all your window coverings with cordless options in one go. Prioritize the rooms where your children spend most of their time, especially if they are not supervised. This can be done by switching to cordless playrooms and bedrooms. You can change to cordless treatments as you go. If you have limited resources, ensure that the windows in the rooms where your children spend most of their time are protected.