Keep important documents in a clear container

If your TV box is already gone, you can rent boxes that are designed for TVs and other electronic items at local home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. For fragile items, you can use foam sheets and foam corners to protect them. You should only fill boxes half way to prevent them from being too heavy. The extra space can cause items to move around or the box to become crushed under the weight. If you use newspaper or crumpled paper to fill empty spaces in boxes, it will make them less likely to sustain any damage inside or out. The reason packing peanuts or other space-fillers such as newspaper are used to ship items is that they provide loose packing antique movers nyc material to reduce damage in transit.

While your dining room table may appear to be a sturdy piece of furniture and is protected from major damage it is not. Moving trucks can do almost anything, especially long distance moves. The stain or paint can easily be scratched off a cabinet or table if you do not take the necessary precautions. Prompt movers will usually bring heavy blankets to wrap around couches and shelves. But it’s a good idea ask before the big day. You can buy these blankets at Ace Hardware, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Do not overload your boxes, no matter if you’re loading your trunk yourself or hiring professionals to load your truck. This will save you from potential injury and pain. To ensure that each box is easy to lift and carry, make sure to do so every now and again. You can use packing paper or other lightweight items to fill the remainder of the box. While you might end up with more boxes than you need, it will be much easier to transport them.

Moving to a new house in the same area or in a different city can be done in fewer days by transporting smaller items in your car. Consider making a few trips by carload with smaller items, such as books, kitchen goods and table lamps, so that the moving truck can only transport the bigger furniture.

No matter if you are giving the property to your landlord, or leaving the house to be occupied by new owners, you can expect your space to be fairly clean after you are gone. Even with regular cleaning, it’s likely that you will find dust bunnies or missed spots every time you move furniture around in a room. If you set aside a buffer date for cleaning, you can return to your empty space to vacuum, clean floors, wipe down countertops, and clean the bathroom one more time. This buffer day is important if you are trying to get your security deposit back from your landlord. Hire a cleaning crew if you have sold the property.

Moving family heirlooms and key identifying documents, as well as medications, is a bad idea. You can risk damage to any items you load onto a container or truck that a professional will transport for you. Unfortunately, moving insurance won’t cover irreplaceable items. Shoen says that firearms, fireworks and propane tanks are not allowed in trucks or containers.

What you intend to unpack first is the last thing that should go in your storage container or moving truck. The first-day box can contain cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, or portable speakers that will make unpacking easier. A first-day container may contain toys that children may have forgotten but are unable to take with them on the plane or in their car. It is important to clearly label this box so you can easily unpack it and place it on the truck.